The special thing about birdwatching


Someone might think that those who observe birds have nothing to do. The reality is the other way around, birds watch busy people who love nature but want to lower revolutions to stress, relax. While they unleash their curiosity, they combine science and patience; your eyes and ears appreciate the wonders of nature.

Guatemala is fortunate to have a dense biodiversity. In Latin America, it is only surpassed by Europe. We have more than 700 species of birds, including residents and migrants (those who come to be with us about 4-6 months of the year, between November and March-April). Migratory birds have fled from food shortages and severe climates. Here there are birds of all sizes, colors, songs and customs, something that varies as they grow.

In Guatemala there are many sites and biomes for bird watching. The surroundings of Lake Atitlan are a paradise for birdwatching, more than 250 species can be found. In Uxlabil we have a couple of years of having begun to invent the birds of our environment. One of our collaborators (Juan Chocoy) is a specialized guide and a good connoisseur of the area; we have binoculars to observe birds and a camera that allows us to film and photograph them; We have prepared a guide and a checklist. This and much more within our Mayan Birds project.

Hummingbirds (tzununen in tz'utujil) abound in number and variety of species (about ten); Its size can be as small as half a little finger. They feed on the honey produced by the flowers, and with that food they are charged with energy to move their wings faster than a helicopter. At the opposite extreme of size, we have the ducks that swim through the lake and a bird in danger of extinction, the cacho turkey (Horned Guan) in the upper part of the San Pedro volcano.

We have designed various bird watching tours. Participate in one of them between 5:00 and 9:00 in the morning and then have a tasty breakfast. You must walk slowly, making the least possible noise so as not to disturb the birds, dressed in green or beige colors and with comfortable shoes. The color and size of the feathers, the head, the beak, the legs and the sound of its song are crucial to know which bird requests our attention. The guide will help you to identify the bird and tell us about her food and customs. It is a wonderful experience that will give you the satisfaction of lending eyes and ears to the harmony of nature.

Organize your trip, ask at the reception of the Eco Hotel Uxlabil Atitlán. It will enrich your life, the feeling that we are surrounded by natural wonders. He will not waste time




Mayan Birds is a project that started at Eco Hotel Uxlabil Atitlán, inspired by the diversity of birds found in Lake Atitlán. We offer bird watching tours guided by specialized local guids that will make your tour a rewarding experience.

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